5 Warning Signs Your Water Heater Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced

One thing you may take for granted is your hot water. Relying on this item each day is essential to having the highest quality of life. There are numerous things you will use your water for and being without it can create a lot of stress. It's a very good idea to know specific warning signs that are an indication that your water heater may need to be repaired.

Warning Sign #1: The age

One of the easiest indications that your water heater may need to be either replaced or repaired shortly is its age. When did you put this item in your home? 

Be sure to keep a record of when you make home improvements to help you in the future.  Studies do show the average life for a water heater is eight to twelve years.

Warning Sign #2:  Leaking

Did you happen to find a pool of water near this item? If so, it's highly possible your water heater is leaking, and this could be an indication that you may need to call a repair person.

Warning Sign #3: Rust

It's not uncommon for water heaters to begin to rust over time. This is usually found on the bottom of this component. 

Unfortunately, you will need to replace this product if you begin to see rust and corrosion. You may start to notice this because your water isn't clear in color and shows signs of rust by having an orange color to it.

Warning Sign #4:  Water isn't hot

The temperature of the water is usually necessary if you're going to take a shower or do other daily tasks. If your water doesn't get hot and is constantly lukewarm or cold, it's likely that repairs could be necessary.

Warning Sign #5: Noisy

You will want to avoid hearing a lot of noise when your water heater is running. This can help keep the quiet in your home, and this is preferred by most homeowners. 

It you hear a lot of rumbling sounds that are loud, this could be an indication of an issue with this item.

The benefits of keeping your water heater in good shape are many. This can allow you to do the things around your home each day that is necessary. Be sure to consult with a water heater repair professional to assist you in getting this critical component of your home fixed as quickly as possible.