2 Awesome Features Of A Patio Louvers

If you are in the market for a good patio cover for your backyard, then you may want to consider a patio louver. This type of patio cover differs from other patio covers in the fact that you can retract or otherwise adjust this roofing system. This is great if you aren't exactly sure what kind of cover you would like for your patio, but would enjoy having a bit of variety to choose from each day. There are a lot of awesome features that generally come standard with most patio louvers. This article will discuss 2 of these features and why they can be beneficial. 

Standard And Pergola Roof 

When you purchase many patio louvers, you will see the the slats that they are made out of are moveable. This means that, once you have had the patio louver installed, you can either choose to have your slats open for a pergola roof, or closed for a standard. For example, if it is a cool evening outside and you would like to see the stars and feel the breeze, then you can open the slats up to create a pergola roof. On the other hand, if it is pouring rain outside, and you would like to sit on your patio and watch it, without getting soaked, then you will want to adjust your patio louver so that the slats are completely closed and the roof is one solid structure. Having such a versatile roof is so convenient, and is something that you really can't enjoy with any other type of roofing system. 

Motorized Retraction 

While the idea of a roof that has slats that open and close may sound exciting, the thought of having to manually adjust each of these slats does not. You would likely have to get up on a ladder on regular basis to do so, which would get quite time consuming and tedious. Thankfully, almost all patio louvers are going to come with the option of being motorized. This means that, with the click of a button on a remote, you can adjust the slats however you would like, whether you want them open, half open, closed, etc. Some of the patio louvers even have the ability to retract entirely, creating an open roof structure without any slats left. This versatility, and the ease with which you can change things up, make patio louvers an excellent investment for outdoor patio roofing.