Common Household Items That Look Cool In Your Landscaping

For a cool look in your outdoor spaces and landscape, consider bringing a few typical household items outside! These are pieces that can be repurposed to become intriguing accents and unique focal points for your yard, garden, or porch.

Some common household items to bring life to your landscape are:

An old dressing-screen. A dressing-screen may seem like an odd thing to perch outside, but these look adorable as a partition on a patio or to allow climbing plants to thrive on during summer. Make sure to remove and replace paper-screens with something more resilient, like plastic.

A collection of teapots. Start looking for old teapots when you go thrifting to use for planting individual flowers or herbs. Line these up on a sunny porch or in front of an outbuilding, and you have a charming and inexpensive garden display!

A favorite chandelier. Suspend an indoor light fixture from a tree or porch for a unique melding of the indoors and out! You can use light fixtures that are no longer functioning, and replace the bulb with a flameless candle or a solar light for a dramatic and romantic landscape accent.

Retro dining sets. When you see old metal dining sets, consider buying one to place in your garden. These are so stylish and are perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the afternoon. Look for chrome-legged styles that have water-resistant upholstery, such as vinyl coverings.

Old hub caps. Spray-paint old metal hub caps to hang on a fence, garage, or exterior home wall. These look like vintage pieces of art when you give them a little shimmer with paint and suspend them in a linear pattern on a wall.

Vintage cutlery. Clean out your silverware drawer and reserve any old cutlery that you no longer use or need. Save these to later drill small holes in the handle-end, suspend with fishing line, and create your own unique wind chimes for your garden or a porch of the home.

An old pair of boots. Nothing looks sweeter by the entrance to your garden than an old pair of boots filled with soil and simple daisies, ivy, or herbs. Look for tall rubber boots that will allow for plenty of root-growth, and make sure to poke a hole in the bottom of each booth to allow for drainage when you water your plant.

Try these ideas to bring a unique flair to your yard, garden, and landscaping. Start collecting these typically-indoor items to create clever accents that will make your property stand-out!

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