3 Different Ways Your New Windows Can Be More Energy Efficient And Reduce Utility Costs

When you are having new windows installed in your home, there are many different choices of materials. Some windows have a coating to improve the efficiency of glass, while other windows may have double-pane glass. There are also choices of window treatments that will help to make your new windows energy efficient. Here are some of the best choices for energy efficiency when installing new windows in your home:

1. Low-E Coatings That Help to Make Windows Energy Efficient

Today, the glass made for new windows has a special feature that helps reduce energy loss. This feature is a Low-E coating, which is designed to improve the efficiency of glass by blocking heat transfer. The good thing about low-E glass is that it is available in new windows, replacements or for glass that can be installed in existing windows. It can also be used in the restoration of old windows in historic buildings and other applications.

2. Double-Pane Glass Windows to Keep the Outside Weather Out

Another type of energy efficient window is a double-pane window with gas sealed in the middle. The two panes of glass and gas act as a thermal barrier to prevent thermal transfer to stop energy loss. Double-pane windows are a great option if you are planning on having new window installation done. Another benefit about double pane glass is that it is available for many different window styles, which gives you more choice for the new windows you are going to have installed in your home.

3. Window Treatment Options to Help Improve Energy Efficiency of Windows

If you want to improve efficiency of your new windows even more, then you will want to consider window treatments. Curtains are a great way to add a personal touch to the interior design of your home and keep energy in your home. You may also want to consider other window treatments for energy efficient improvements, such as thermal blinds or shutters. There are different types of window treatments to choose from to match the interior design of any area of your home. You may even want to consider plantation shutters, which are installed on the inside of the window casing and come in many different attractive styles.

These are some of the best choices for energy efficiency when installing new windows. If you are ready to install windows in your home, contact a company like Landis Decorating Inc that specializes in window treatments and talk with a representative about some of these solutions to make your home more energy efficient.