3 Window Installation Options To Give Your Home Energy Efficiency And Reduce Utility Costs

The windows of older homes can often be a source of energy loss and cause high utility bills. This is since older windows often lack energy efficiency and allow air to escape or get into your home. One of the best energy improvements for new homes is window installation with modern products designed to stop energy loss. Some of the options for new windows include replacement windows, new glass or installing completely new windows. Here are some of the options to choose from for the window renovation project for your home:

1. A Complete Makeover with New Window Installation for Renovations

If you are considering completely renovating your home, then you will probably want to install new windows. With new window installation, your old windows will be completely removed and the new windows installed in the openings. This is more labor intensive, which means that will cost more than some of the other options, but will give you more choices for the new windows that you have installed in your home. New window installation is great for additions; when you want the existing windows to make the addition.

2. Replacement Windows That Are an Easier Way to Update Windows

Another option that is like the installation of new windows is replacement windows. The replacements are different because they are installed inside of existing window casings. This reduces the labor that is needed to install new windows and prevents problems with exterior finishes fitting the new window trim. Replacements are ideal for wood window casings that are in good shape and standard sizes. Replacement windows may not be the best choice if you need extensive repairs, have vinyl or metal existing windows or the for custom windows.

3. Glass Replacement to Update Existing Windows in Your Home

Sometimes, you the installation of new or replacement windows may not be possible. There are still other improvements that can be done to improve the windows in your home. Glass replacement is another great option that you may want to consider. Replacement glass can be Low-E or double-pane to give your existing windows energy efficiency. In addition to glass replacement, there are also improvement options for your windows, such as films, window treatments and shutters. Another option is to install storm windows over existing windows to improve efficiency of windows.

These are some of the options that you will want to consider for the window replacement project in your home. To get started with your window improvement projects, contact a porch cover products service for materials like porch curtains and glass enclosures, and storm windows for your home.