3 Ways To Use The Top Of Your Wood Stove

When you buy a new wood stove, you'll notice that most models have a flat and smooth top. This feature gives the wood stove a sleek appearance, but also offers a high degree of functionality. There are many different ways that you can use the top of your wood stove, provided that you're careful about avoiding getting burned. Leather oven mitts, for example, are critical for protecting your skin when you use the top of the stove, and you should also teach young children to keep a safe distance away. Here are three ways to use the top of the stove.

1. To Boil Water

A wood stove can keep your home toasty and cozy over the winter months, but you'll also notice that the air inside your home feels dry at this time of the year. Instead of running a humidifier, you can simply boil water atop the wood stove. Fill a large cast iron pot with water and place it on the top of the wood stove. Many companies make decorative pots for this purpose, which is ideal because you won't be sacrificing one of your cooking pots. The hot stove causes the water to boil or simmer, pumping much-needed moisture into your home.

2. To Make Tea

In a similar manner to adding humidity to your home, you can also make tea on the top of your wood stove. You'll need a cast iron kettle, which you can buy in various stores or even look for at an antique dealer. Fill the kettle with water to pour into your cups, or add some tea bags to the water if everyone will be enjoying the same flavor of tea. The benefit to brewing tea in this manner is that instead of using your electricity to heat a kettle and thus spending money each time you make a cup, you're using the heat that the wood stove produces.

3. To Cook Food

If you're looking for a unique way to cook food — perhaps even during a power outage in which your stove doesn't work — the wood stove can be suitable. You'll need a cast iron griddle, which you can commonly buy at camping and outdoor stores. By placing the griddle atop the wood stove, you'll have a perfect surface for cooking a variety of things, whether you favor pancakes, bacon, eggs, or other similar items. This can be a fun activity if you have children, as it's essentially making camp-style food in the comfort of your home.

For more information on finding wood stoves, contact your local home and garden center.