Furnishing A Bedroom For Twins: 4 Space-Saving Furniture Ideas

When it comes to furnishing a room for twin children, it can be hard to find the right options to fit your available space. When the children share a room, there may be little space left for toys and stuffed animals if you don't choose the right furniture. Here are some space-saving ideas you can use as inspiration the next time you visit your local furniture store.

1. Daybeds

Daybeds create a multi-functional addition to the bedroom. Each bed doubles as a sofa, giving your children space to curl up with a book, and the compact size makes it easier to fit two beds in the room without sacrificing a lot of floor space. Look for daybeds with space underneath for storage, as this provides a way to stash clothing and shoes without taking up space in a dresser or closet. Some daybeds feature built-in drawers underneath, while others simply provide open spaces large enough for storage bins and buckets.

2. Double Dressers

Instead of trying to find space for two separate dressers in the room, consider a double dresser option instead. These dressers typically come with six, eight, or ten drawers. The drawers are situated into two columns, so each child can essentially have half of the dresser. The top surface of the dresser can also be divided in half, providing space for each child to display photos or trinkets.

3. Storage Nightstands

When space is at a premium, every piece of furniture in the room needs to work for you. Storage nightstands offer a complete look for the room while also providing space for personal items. Choose matching nightstands for each bed with a built-in cabinet or drawers. The storage compartments can be used to hold books, journals, handheld electronics, or any number of small toys. Use the tabletops to display photos and add reading lamps for each child to use at bedtime.

4. Bookcases

If you need even more storage space in the room, consider adding tall bookcases next to each bed instead of traditional nightstands. Bookcases with open backs make it easy to plug in lamps and electronics while also providing ample room for cloth storage bins, books, and other items. You can also create a wall of bookcases in the room to serve as an organization and storage area for toys, games, and other items.

Talk to your little ones about how they want their bedroom to look, and shop for these items to create a fun and cozy space they can call their own. For more information, contact a company like AAA A-1 Appliance Salvage Warehouses.