2 Ways You Can Use Limestone To Beautify Your Home

Limestone is one of those timeless materials that can make nearly anything look good. It's durable and strong and is able to withstand years of use without wearing down or looking ragged and old. You might be thinking about sprucing up your house and making it appear more attractive than it does at the moment. You can do this by incorporating limestone into various parts of your house. Listed below are two ways you can use limestone to renovate your home and make it look better than ever.

1. Use Limestone To Create A Stunning Mantel

When people walk into your house, you want to have a focal point somewhere within the front of the house that immediately grabs their attention. If you have a fireplace in your family room and you want a great conversation piece you can accomplish this by using limestone on your mantel.

If you really think about it, you can see why limestone would make such a magnificent mantle for your fireplace. It's sturdy enough to hold heavy vases and other accessories that you want to put on it. At the same time, you can do so much with a limestone mantel. Create a unique shape by having the stone custom made according to the shape of the room and you have something that could potentially add a lot of value to your house both while you're in it and when you decide to sell.

2. A Limestone Backsplash Can Take The Heat

Putting a backsplash behind your stove is a great way to protect the wall. Grease and other liquids can take their toll on a regular wall, but if you install a limestone backsplash, you have something that looks great and is able to take the abuse that the anterior wall is subjected to. Mix and match the colors of the limestone so that it is a perfect blend of shades to complement your kitchen.

You can add a glaze to the limestone backsplash that makes it super easy to clean. No need to spend your free time with a scrubbing brush in hand because a damp towel will remove any debris from a limestone backsplash with ease.

A contractor can come out to your home and give you a consultation to review the options that are available. You're absolutely going to love the way your home looks when you include these amazing limestone ideas in it!