Four Reasons To Remove Stumps From Your Yard

Once a tree has died or been removed from your yard, the stump is often left in the ground afterwards. While this may not at first seem like a huge issue, stumps can pose a number of problems for your landscape and other plants in your yard. Understanding some of the benefits associated with removing the stump from your landscape can help you determine if you should get in touch with an arborist or landscaper to remove the stumps from your yard.

Safety Considerations

A major reason to consider removing a stump from your yard is because of the safety concerns that a stump can pose, especially for households with small children or elderly individuals. Stumps that extend out from the ground can pose a serious tripping hazard. Removing the stump can reduce the risk of injury that comes from playing or moving around in the yard.

Landscaping Maintenance Convenience

Another important reason to remove a stump from your yard is the fact that doing so can make lawn maintenance much easier. A stump can represent a physical barrier that can be hard to mow and landscape around and can also even disrupt the drainage of water coming from your sprinkler system.  Removing the stump can make it easier for you to keep your landscape looking neat and tidy. You can contact a tree service company like Able Scape, Inc. for help in accomplishing this task.

Pest and Disease Control

Another major reason why you should consider removing stumps from your yard is the fact that stumps represent a dead piece of wood in the yard. This can attract pests like termites which can spread to other trees and plants in your yard, quickly creating a significant problem in your yard that can be hard to eliminate.  Furthermore, if the tree that used to stand there died due to a disease, removing the entirety of the stump may be necessary to ensure that the disease does not spread to other nearby trees and plants.

Aesthetic Appeal

Finally, the last major reason why you should consider having your stump completely removed is the fact that doing so can create a much cleaner looking landscaping design, improving the appearance of your home's exterior and the curb appeal as well. This is especially important if you are considering selling your home at any point in the near future, as removing stumps and allowing grass to grow in their place can make your home look much more attractive to potential buyers.