Do You Need Professional Water Conditioning For Your Business?

Conditioning water at the scale required for a business can be quite a challenge. Many business owners don't do this due to the perception that the whole process is worth less than what you'd actually spend. However, it's important to carefully consider what's involved before you make such a decision.

Conditioning is done because there are substances in the water that affect its quality. Therefore, if you fail to remove these substances, they could end up hurting your business in the long run. When should you consider professional water conditioning?

Your Plumbing Needs Frequent Repairs

One of the main issues with unconditioned water is that it can gradually damage your plumbing. In the short-term, one of the main signs that your water could be damaging your plumbing is a frequent need for repairs. Water with dissolved minerals could be causing a buildup of scale inside the pipes. It may also be corroding the pipes, leading to problems such as leaks. Conditioning your water is usually cheaper in such cases.

Your Business Relies on Appliances That Use Water

The last thing you want is to hear that an appliance that cost you thousands of dollars needs to be replaced just a few years after you purchased it. However, this is a real risk when you mix unconditioned water with appliances such as industrial washers/dryers or restaurant dishwashers. Unconditioned water may contain certain elements that cause scale buildup within these appliances. The water may also be causing an increased rate of wear.

Your Water Tastes or Smells Funny

In most cases, the elements you find in unconditioned water may just be causing the water to be hard. However, there are times when the water starts to taste or smell funny as a result of these elements in the water.

In a setting where food is served or prepared, an unusual taste or smell in your water is not something you can tolerate. You should take steps to have a proper conditioning system installed as soon as possible. This will generally involve getting water softeners installed and potentially a filter to get rid of sediment in the water.

Water Stains Are Visible

Another common issue with unconditioned water is its tendency to leave stains behind. This usually happens when the water mixes with other substances. You can find stains in your toilets, sinks, water glasses, spoons etc.

Whether or not these stains are considered 'dirt' is irrelevant in most cases. Their mere presence will be an issue for clients or even your own employees.

Whether you opt for bulk water delivery or a rented water filtration system, in many cases business calls for having clean, drinkable water for your employees and customers. Especially if you have any of the problems above, opt for conditioned water. Contact a company like Houston Water Products to learn more.