3 Tips For Designing Organized, Appealing Cabinets

In most kitchens, the cabinets are not only a key part of storing your cookware and dinnerware. They are also an imperative part of your kitchen's look. Therefore, investing in new cabinets that are both functional and attractive is smart. Of course, certain designs and accessories can help you organize your kitchen and maintain this organization for many years. If you are replacing your old cabinets, here are a few tips to ensure your new cabinetry system gets your kitchen organized.

Get Personal with the Design

Everyone has their own needs, especially when it comes to working in the kitchen. Thankfully, you can avoid the cookie-cutter cabinet style and design a system that works for the specific needs of you and your family.

For example, if you and your family enjoy snacking and dining in the kitchen, consider adding a large kitchen island and a spacious breakfast area. The island will allow your family members a surface to sit down and have a snack while the breakfast area with table and chairs creates a space for sitting down and enjoying actual meals together.

The island should include cabinets and drawers for storage on one side with seating/dining space on the opposite side for your family. For your breakfast area, skip the cabinets and add a banquette section with a bench and table for dining purposes.

Get Creative with Customized Storage

You should also use some creativity when designing the storage system of your cabinets. Drawers specifically designed for storing long platters or utensils are ideal, so you can free up the actual cabinet and countertop space.

Also, consider vegetable baskets built into a few drawers, allowing you to store fresh vegetables conveniently.

Drawers that are used solely for storing coffee and cocoa pods, custom spice organization, and cabinets dedicated for pots, pans, and their lids are also wise to include in the design.

Get Everything in to Its Place

Finally, make sure all of your kitchenware has a specific place in the cabinets.

Designate one area of your cabinets for bakeware. Use this section for cake plates, mixing bowls, rolling pins, cookie cutters, and pie plates.

One area of your cabinets should be for beverages, as well. Use this cabinet section to store your everyday glasses, juice glasses, wine glasses, and even coffee mugs.

With the right design and maintenance, your kitchen cabinets can be organized, functional, AND appealing. This guide will help you get started choosing your new kitchen cabinetry and kitchen design.