Pumpkin Buying And Carving Tips

Your family's yearly trip to the pumpkin patch can be one of the highlights of the year. However, many families will make mistakes when buying and carving their pumpkins. These mistakes can lead to their pumpkin having a much shorter lifespan, but it is possible to easily avoid these issues if you are prepared before you leave for the pumpkin patch.

Visit The Pumpkin Patch Before The First Snowfall

Generally, it is advisable to purchase the pumpkin before the first snowfall of the year. The arrival of snow can cause the pumpkins that are exposed to the elements to suffer rapid deterioration. As a result, you might find that your selection of pumpkins is far worse after the first snow. This is especially important for those in northern climates as the snow can be earlier and more frequent.

Invest In Quality Pumpkin Carving Tools

Carving a pumpkin is a task that can require considerable strength due to the tough outer layer of the pumpkin. Unfortunately, individuals will often purchase cheap carving tools, which can make this experience all the more difficult to complete. Additionally, it can increase the risk of a person suffering an injury as these tools may suddenly fail while you are using them, which could lead to a deep cut. By spending a little extra money to get the highest-quality carving tools possible, you can avoid this risk of potential injury while also making your carving experience as easy as possible. For individuals that are planning on attempting a pumpkin carving that requires a high level of detail, this will be essential to get the desired results because high-quality carving sets will allow for a much greater degree of detail.

Protect The Carved Edges Of The Pumpkin

After you have gone through the trouble of buying and carving a pumpkin, you will want to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible. While the pumpkin will inevitably start to rot and decay, there are some simple steps to help make it last much longer. For example, wiping the pumpkin's interior and exterior with a rag soaked in water and a little bit of bleach can eliminate the bacteria that will lead to the pumpkin rotting and decaying. Also, you can apply petroleum jelly or clear glue to the carved edges of the pumpkin. This will close these openings to minimize the ability of bacteria getting inside these openings as this would accelerate the decay.

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