Are You Enclosing Your Outdoor Patio?

Have you decided that you would get more use out of your outdoor patio if you went ahead and enclosed it? Maybe you have considered doing that for years, and you have now decided to get it done before Christmas. Do you already have a plan for the enclosure? If not, here are some ideas that might help you.

​The Outdoor and Indoor Window Treatments

Is your area of the country often hit by hurricanes or other dramatic weather conditions? If so, think seriously about getting hurricane shutters. The hurricane shutters will be placed on the outside of your patio windows and will be secured with things like extra-strong screws and clips that are designed especially for this type of window treatment. 

If you're willing to spend a bit extra on the hurricane shutters, consider getting contemporary ones that are motorized. That way they can be totally folded away when they aren't needed and then easily rolled back out when bad weather is announced.

Think about selecting fabric curtains for the inside window treatment. For example, if you are going for a beach theme, you could select a fabric that has things like shells or sailboats as the design. If you want a rustic feeling in your enclosed patio, go for something like denim or plaid. The windows are a great way to give your patio some personality.

​Select The Furniture

Will your enclosed patio have more than one use? For instance, will it also be used as a guest room? If so, think about buying a futon or a sofa that can easily be turned into a bed when guests stay at your house. Choose upholstery fabric that will complement the curtains you selected for your indoor window treatment. And choose fun throw pillows to add interest to the room.

Maybe you have decided that having the enclosed patio will give you extra seating space when you have things like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. If that's your plan, consider getting an actual dining room or kitchen table and chairs that will go with the one you select. You could also just have occasional chairs set in strategic places and then pull out TV trays when you will be entertaining informally. 

Choose artwork that will complement the furniture and the curtains you have selected. For instance, if you went with a beach theme, choose watercolor paintings of things like lighthouses and seagulls.